Hay Day Cheats – Unlimited Coins and Diamonds Hack Guide

Hay Day Hack and Cheats Origin: It’s Humble Beginnings.

Hay day is a very environmental friendly game. It is a creation of Supercell.Which became widely popular up until now.

Hay day is among the most popular farming games that can be enjoyed on the Android and iOS platforms. The game is created by the same developer who has developed the Clash of Clans and the boom beach.

The game offers you to renovate a farm which has better days in the old days. But now it has been abandoned from time. Therefore, you will be here to rehabilitate it by growing the crops and harvesting them to raise the stock also you can sell theses to earn a good profit.



There is a lot of stuff that can be performed in the game, which makes the game complicated furthermore. Therefore, to help you out during the gameplay, we have wrapped up some of the genuine tips that will assist you to overcome various challenges in the game. Below you can have a look at all the essential tips:

  • Collecting the coins

The coins are the prime credits in the game that the players require collecting to make the desired purchases. Many ways are there by which you can obtain the coins. One of the methods is always to keep the slots of a Roadside shop packed so that the buyers can purchase the crops granting you the right amount of funds.

Apart from that, you can also utilize the Hay Day Cheats to collect a generous amount of coins in the game.

  • Plant the crops using some strategy

Some crops are there in the game that consumes a considerable time to grow ultimately. These crops are better to be grown in the night when you are not playing the game so that till you play the game again, they get entirely ready to be harvested.

On the other hand, the crops like wheat, carrots, and the corns only take a few minutes to grow fully; therefore, these crops are ideal to be grown while you are playing the game.

All this not only saves up your time but also will save much of the funds that you have spent on the fertilizers to grow the crop quickly. Zesthack unparalleled game guides.

  • Don’t get bothered due to visitors

The visitors come to your farm to make a certain purchase in exchange for coins. Thus, you can create a good income by selling your crops to them.

  • Experience points

The game requires experience points to get leveled up. If you are wondering how you can obtain these XP’s then here are some of the ways.

  • By making purchases in the game
  • Harvesting the crops after they have entirely grown
  • Claiming your creations
  • Completing the truck delivery orders

Among all of the above four, you get the maximum experience points on the accomplishing the orders. However, if you want to gain the XP’s by making a good amount of purchase, then you will undoubtedly need the coins. For that, I would recommend you to use the Hay Day Cheats and grab a liberal amount of coins from there.

So, here it ends. These are all the tips that will help you to progress faster in the game. So, if you are willing to contribute to refurbish the farm, then go on and download the game right away.