FOOD TRUCK CHEF HACK – Cheats Online – Unlimited Gems and Coins Guide

Food Truck Chef Hack and Cheats Origin: It’s Humble Beginnings.

Cook indulging food with Food Truck Chef. Unlimited opportunities awaits you!

Games like Food truck chef is fun to play. It is played by anybody of age 13 and above. This game is about travelling the whole world with a food carrying truck and cook food and desserts within a given time period. The players can gather ingredients from all over the world. From pizzas to pasta, cakes, teas, and coffees, there is no limit of what one can be dream of and prepared accordingly.

The game has some of the special feature that attracts the player’s attention, for example, Lots of unique dishes and desserts, up gradation of kitchen, going around the cruise and trying of the best to do in the slot machine and even allows expansion of the business worldwide by battling other fellow chefs at the annual food truck carnival.

Some of the easy tricks of Food Truck chef hack are as follows

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There should always be something for cooking

Even if the customers are not present all the time or the food is delivered on time, something is always needed to be on the process of cooking, so that the game’s targets are achieved and delivery of food is done faster. Instead of making a customer to wait for a dish, it can be prepared even before one orders food. One should carefully prepare food and check time to time to not burn the good because that will cost a lot of coins. Faster delivery of food gains coins and helps in faster completion of the game.

Unnecessary money should not be spent to make royal cuisine

This game features a slot machine that has the tendency to eat all the saving at once. Free spins are advisable to use and no coins should be used unnecessarily on preparing extravagant food. It is found that once the player is rewarded with a huge prize the first time one spins it, it becomes rare to get and becomes inexpensive. Achieving diamond is next to impossible so it is better to skip the royal cuisine. Rare game guides at zesthack.

Watch ads to gain more coins.

Every android application contains ad. Advertisement is another quick and easy method to gain coins free of cost. However, this can be done only when a player has already gained many coins in the initial level. For example, one requires 300 coins and he/ she is lacking behind by 40 more coins, then they can easily approach to advertisements and gain the required number of coins.

There is no need to upgrade everything

As it is known, that upgradation leads to many advantages like winning of game and gaining coins, it can even lead to spending the coins. High levels of upgradation require loads of coins or real cash. As long as the food is prepared on time and served properly, there is no need to upgrade every element of game. One must have a careful check on what he/ she should upgrade.

Following Food truck chef hack can easily help one to succeed in the game.